Marguerite Manning is a professional astrologer, bestselling author and spiritual life coach who specializes in advancing the Universal Law of Karma through the scientific principles of astrology.

As the founder of Cosmic Connections, a personal enlightenment and astrological counseling service, her work is inspired by the philosophy of our ancient astronomers, the spirituality of Edgar Cayce and the belief that only when science and spirit work together does this universe work divinely.

Marguerite's personal journey of spiritual discovery began in 1994 when after developing a new astrological formula that validated the soul's history in the birth chart, she started using it to guide her clients to their earthly purpose in the present. With results that were just too remarkable to ignore, a brand new belief system became impossible to avoid and her lifelong fascination for the stars above was immediately enhanced by a life changing passion for the spirit within. This led to the writing of her first article in 1995 for The Mountain Astrologer, "The 12th House—Your Karmic Closet" and inspired the karmic astrology workshops that would later become the basis of her popular radio program, "Therapy for the Soul". The tremendous interest these workshops generated prompted Marguerite to share her breakthrough astrological concept of the soul's "Contract with the Universe" in her 2007 bestselling book, Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe and later in its 2012 sequel, Sign Language: Decoding Your Contract with the Universe.

In this life, Marguerite was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and has lived for the past 20 years in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and three children. With a little luck, and a lot of living up to the energies in her own birth chart, she's hoping her next life begins in Hawaii.

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