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Your Astrological “Why” Chromosome

Delays have dangerous ends.
~ William Shakespeare


Excerpt from
Marguerite Manning


Astrologically speaking, do you know what makes you tick? I mean really? Do you know what single birth energy, all by itself, can get you to stand up and be counted all by yourself? You should. After all, wouldn’t it be helpful to know just why you’re compelled to get up off the couch (when you really don’t want to); get in someone’s face (when you really don’t have to); or go out on a limb (when you really don’t need to) before you actually do? Well, then it’s time to turn your attention to the astrological planet of action, energy and desire: Mars. Not just the only planet in the heavens named for the Roman God of War, but the only one in your natal chart with enough cosmic clout to do all of the above. And then some.


But then, as any astrologer will tell you, the universal reason for that is simple. Mars is on a mission. As every astrologer will warn you however, the mission itself is a bit more complex because it’s a solar mission. That’s right, a universal assignment in which the Cosmos requires nothing more of Mars than making sure our natal Sun has exactly what it takes to keep us actively involved in the game of life and apparently, nothing less of us than buckled seat belts and a really good health plan.


We shouldn’t be surprised. From the moment our ancient astrologers first discovered this very fast, very red and very fourth planet from the Sun, they knew it was a force to be reckoned with in the medieval heavens. In fact, that’s why (after years of observation) they determined it to have the very same impact in the horoscope. To them it was simple: while the Sun was the most significant influence at our birth because it was the brilliant energy that illumined our immortal spirit, Mars was the most critical to us here on earth because it was the driving force that empowered our human ego. The very part of us (by the way) that was intentionally spawned by the Sun for the sole purpose of prevailing in the physical world. An objective (by the even bigger way) that could never be accomplished without the soul having the right universal muscle down here on earth to conquer it. Therefore, in their scientific opinion, Mars had to be the birth influence that represented our personal power to function on this material planet. Based on their universal findings, it was the only influence up there reflecting the brand-specific kind of energy our life force needed to survive on it. You know, the self-serving kind. The “me-first,” “outta-my-way,” “you-wanna-piece-of-me?” kind. The human kind.


So, of course, this fiery planet was officially acknowledged as the astrological influence that enables us to take physical action, face physical danger and conquer physical obstacles during the course of this physical life. According to the ancients, its presence in our natal sky was simply reflecting all the earthly ambitions and human desires that are now empowering our very unearthly (and even less human) souls to get out there and actually live it. This is the universal significance of Mars: it’s a spiritual reminder of what our individual star requires to be effective in this lifetime because it’s a celestial reflection of the energy we need to succeed in this dimension.

Natal Mars: The Contract

So how much influence does Mars really have in the birth chart? Lots. Especially when you consider it has only one universal purpose: making sure your powerful natal Sun is humanly capable of leaving its brilliant individual mark in this physical realm. That’s it. But then, that’s a pretty big “it” when you further consider that your natal Sun is somewhat disadvantaged when it comes to navigating the cold hard realities of the material world. After all, as a reflection of your soul’s life force, the energy of your natal Sun is pure spirit, and while planet Earth has a lot of things going for it, being “spirit-friendly” is not one of them. Then again, what physical environment is?  Which is exactly how and why Mars was called into the universal game plan of our soul’s material existence. Our brilliant Sun needed an earthly wingman. So, just as the Moon was astrologically assigned to emotionally protect your soul’s life force (by making sure your natal Sun has what it needs to feel safe and secure) in this world, Mars was celestially selected to physically enable that life force by personally empowering your soul with the three things necessary for accomplishing anything on it: Action. Energy. Desire. Otherwise known as star power, but more commonly experienced as human ego.


That brings us to the fairly obvious bad news about this planet: there’s nothing spiritual about Mars. Nothing at all. It was universally designed for one self-serving reason only: to instill you with the personal desires that would push you to achieve your human objectives so that you could demonstrate your individual brilliance. This brings us to the not-so-obvious good news about this planet: there’s nothing spiritual about Mars. Nothing at all. Its energy has no preference for right or wrong action because its mission is simply to fulfill your human desires. In fact, when it comes to flexing your Mars muscle, you not only have the egotistical ability (and universal license) to apply it toward your own goals and ambitions, you have a right-of-first-refusal responsibility to your natal Sun to do just that.


After all, how else can that physically challenged life force of yours tap into its brilliance and get you to shine down here on terra firma without Mars personally running interference, constantly leaping into the uninvited fray and always making sure you get yours (not necessarily a good thing, but in Mars’ case, always a sure one). You can’t. Mostly because what few of us realize (but all of us should know) is that without natal Mars behind our Sun pushing it to greatness and provoking us from above, we’ll never reach the stardom our soul signed us up for down below. Yes, it is a 24/7 assignment, but fortunately for us Mars is always on the job. Our Sun’s job. Unfortunately for our Sun, however, stardom tends to take a while because it’s always at the mercy of our ego’s uncurbed (24/7) agenda. You know, that constantly changing but never ending compulsion to go after what we want when we want it.  Not, however, because getting whatever it is will make us feel better (that’s the Moons’ department) or look better (Venus’ neck of the natal chart). Just because we want it. Period. Mars country.


This is the astrological significance of Mars: it’s the birth influence that represents your inner star’s fuel in this incarnation because it reflects the very fire in your human belly that pushes you to stardom in this world. Therefore, in your Contract with the Universe it represents men in general, your own masculine energy in particular and (because it represents your individual power to function on this planet) the very passions and desires that prompt you into action. Your modus operandi. Otherwise known as your “why you do chromosome.”

Natal Mars’ Sign: The Code

That begs the question: where’s the fire in your soul’s belly?  Or more importantly, why is it there to begin with? As always, to crack the karmic code of your natal Mars all you have to do is look to the signs. 


In this case, to one particular sign. The sign Mars occupied at your birth. This sign is more than just a celestial reflection of where Mars was in the heavens when your soul reported for duty in this lifetime. Much more. In fact, karmically speaking, it’s actually a universal documentation of a job well done in your most previous one. That’s right, your soul’s karmic kudos if you will. From an astrological perspective, a very accurate portrayal of how you’re most qualified (and likely) to spring into action, rise to the occasion and make it across the finish line in this lifetime. But only because, from a spiritual perspective, what the energies of your Mars sign are really reflecting is how your soul acquired the necessary physical skills and personal abilities to survive in your last one. The same skills and abilities that were so utilized yesterday, they’re now ingrained as your instinctive sure-fire, “tools of the trade” today. No matter what that trade happens to be. No wonder you can’t help but assert yourself and pursue your ambitions through the energies of this particular sign. Having previously earned and physically perfected what they cosmically represent, Mars instilled them in you at birth for just that purpose. To ensure your success on this planet by providing the only fail-safe filter through which your physical energy must now flow and operate. Yesterday’s.


Needless to say, powerful stuff. Dangerous too because while that means your Mars sign reveals just how you’re now equipped to characteristically (and impulsively) display courage, express anger and exhibit raw passion, it’s for that very reason that it also predicts just how you’re most likely to annoy others, ignite tempers and push a few provocative buttons along the willful way. But then, this is your Mars sign. Its energies were astrologically instilled in you for no other purpose than to provoke and challenge your self-absorbed ego down that self-centered path to your self-serving objectives. It’s what they were universally designed to do up there because, when they do, they supply exactly what your human “will” (and natal Sun) desperately need down here to become a star. Willpower. Your personal drive to accomplish your personal goals. Or, as it’s more humanly experienced, that determined sense of “self” that easily pushes you on to inspired acts of greatness on those really good days, and on those not so good days (even more easily) pushes everyone else over the edge.


Is it any wonder then just why this sign is duly acknowledged as the astrological equivalent of a very-much-needed (but seldom proportionate) shot of universal testosterone? It shouldn’t be. Not when you consider that the only universal reason for having such a celestial steroid at your soul’s disposal to begin with is to empower your astrological “why” chromosome. You know, that turbulent planet above (Mars) that sparks your masculine energy within (ego) and not only forces you to identify your desires (sexual and otherwise), but inspires you to aggressively pursue them as well.


So pursue them you will. You must. Your soul made a physical commitment to the Cosmos before coming into this world and Mars is the universal energy that was put in charge of making sure that you keep it. In fact you’re only reminded of these specific earthly goals that were chosen on your behalf because Mars is constantly infusing you with the burning ambition to pursue the personal satisfaction that comes from physically achieving them. So while you may think you’re doing what you can to live up to your human potential, it’s through the energies of this sign that Mars is doing what it must to make sure that you do. It’s really quite an ingenious plan when you think about it because by “inspiring” you to live up to the sign it occupied at your birth, Mars is actually forcing you to roll up your earthly sleeves and push your Sun to stardom. The very stardom your soul promised it would achieve the moment you came into this physical world. A promise reflected in your natal Sun. The one astrological influence that your whole birth chart revolves around.


This is the karmic significance of your Mars sign: it’s a universal reflection of your soul’s body language. A physical language that was used to accomplish such great things with such great success in your last lifetime that it is now your first choice and best bet for achieving even greater personal recognition in this one. What’s more, through the energies of this sign (its ruler and aspects to your natal Mars) you will. Why? Because the ancients got it right. Mars is more than just the fourth, fiery planet from the Sun. It’s the astrological stuff solar wingmen are made of and human egos are fueled by because clearly it was cosmically entrusted with the one universal mission that requires both: enabling your soul with a direct path (and a full tank) to the only thing in this world it needs to accomplish anything star-worthy. Personal satisfaction. How? Not to worry, your Mars sign has this one covered. Testosterone anyone?

Your Natal Mars Sign: The Past

So what does your natal Mars sign say about you?

In ARIESyour actions are now fueled by an overwhelming desire for personal independence and physical involvement in this lifetime because your personal skills and physical abilities were earned through courageous acts of leadership, impressive personal accomplishments and a great disregard for personal danger in the last one.

In TAURUSyour actions are now fueled by a strong sensual appetite and a deep desire for tangible results in this lifetime because your physical skills and abilities were earned through reliable acts of strength and competency in overcoming severe economic disadvantage, producing great personal wealth and acquiring valuable material assets in the last one.

In GEMINI, your actions are now fueled by an overwhelming desire for mental stimulation and physical spontaneity in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through the shrewd investigation and clever community networking of information, people or merchandise in the last one.

In CANCER, your actions are now fueled by a deep desire for emotional nourishment and domestic security in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through devoted acts of caretaking and guardianship in your role as a custodial parent, dedicated patriot or domestic protector in the last one.

In LEO, your actions are now fueled by an overwhelming desire for individual attention and personal recognition in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through heroic acts of leadership, brilliant creative achievements or the powerful use of authority  in the last one.

In VIRGO, your actions are now fueled by a relentless desire for physical improvement and intellectual perfection in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through the advanced technical analysis and selfless expert repair of critical data, policies or procedures in the last one.

In LIBRA, your actions are now fueled by a profound desire for cooperation and a strong preference for acting with someone else in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through gracious acts of diplomacy, meaningful collaborations and a great commitment to enhancing the quality of life for others in the last one.

In SCORPIO, your actions are now fueled by an overwhelming sense of transformation and purpose in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through determined acts of strength and resourcefulness during times of extreme crisis, complete catastrophic loss or life-changing revolutions in the last one.

In SAGITTARIUS, your actions are now fueled by a burning desire for intellectual growth or physical challenge in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through your legendary acts of generosity, sweeping crusades for justice and universal defense of the underdog in the last one.

In CAPRICORN, your actions are now fueled by a deep desire for material success and worldly ambition in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through responsible acts of power and authority in your role as a parental figure, public official or professional leader  in the last one.

In AQUARIUSyour actions are now fueled by a profound desire for social change, creative individuality and intellectual freedom in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through humanitarian acts of brotherhood, ingenious technological inventions and revolutionary contributions to mankind in the last one.

In PISCESyour actions are now fueled by a deep desire for psychological wholeness, emotional healing and creating nirvana in this lifetime because your skills and abilities were earned through the compassionate emotional service, selfless physical sacrifice and unconditional spiritual support of those who were victimized, lost or suffering in the last one.


Just the beginning….

Obviously, the Mars sign highlights above are just scratching the surface of what your natal Mars has to say about your karmic yesterday but if you’re ready to hear the rest of your Mars story, as well as what the Moon and all of your other natal planets have to say about your soul’s past, you’re going to have to take a deeper dive into your birth chart and start learning the karmic language they speak. Where to begin? Easy, by following the signs. All of them. Right back to yesterday.


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