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Your Astrological Smart Chip

Tis the mind that makes the body rich.
~ William Shakespeare

Excerpt from
Marguerite Manning


If you’re one of those people who think location is everything, even in the heavens, well then, when it comes to the first planet in our solar system, you’d be absolutely right. Not because having the only orbit right next-door to a brilliant Sun is the best place to get noticed in any solar neighborhood (it’s not), but because it’s the only place to get what no other planet has in this one: access to power. But not just any kind of power. The best kind. Solar power.


Which is exactly what Mercury has and why our ancient astrologers deemed this little planet to be such a big astrological influence. As the only thing in the sky that was never more than 28º from the Sun, they knew it served a big universal purpose. Really big. So big, in fact, they believed Mercury was universally assigned to the only celestial address that had the one astrological advantage that no other mission required and therefore, no outer planet had. Speed. But, not just any kind of speed. The inside solar track kind of speed. The blindingly fast and incredibly agile kind that had tiny little Mercury circling the Sun in only 88 days while Jupiter, king of the solar system was taking a whopping 12 years to make the same simple trip. Now in a time when size mattered and bigger was better, this was no small celestial accomplishment. But then, as far as these seasoned skywatchers were concerned, with that kind of access to that kind of power, Mercury’s universal mission was never designed to be a small one.


In fact, in their professional opinion, Mercury was up there operating on an entirely different level because what it was really doing was vibrating on an entirely different frequency. Why? Because its big universal purpose was to serve the Sun by providing it with an entirely different level of consciousness. A mental one. That’s right. One that was fast enough to keep the Sun’s life force connected to the soul on a spiritual level, yet close enough to keep us connected to the life force on a human one. An energy circuit where thought and spirit could not only connect and merge, but could change lanes for better reception if they had to. You know, that same blindingly fast frequency that our souls use now to access our own individual spirit and we use to connect with each other’s. The brain lane. Ours. No small accomplishment indeed.


Then again, no big deal either. At least not for the astrological planet of the mind, which is what Mercury became and why it was officially named after the mythological winged messenger of the Gods. According to the ancients, as our natal Sun’s celestial circuit to mental awareness, it was the astrological command center that connected us to each other. In fact, that’s why Mercury was acknowledged as the birth influence that instills both our instinctive method of processing information and our distinctive method of networking it after we do. Its presence in our natal sky was simply reflecting the exact level of consciousness our soul was given to connect to our spirit when we came into this world. The same powerful frequency of thought and perception we now have at our human disposal to communicate with each other as we journey through it. Is it any wonder then why Mercury is never far from the powerful star that generates our spirit in the heavens and reflects our soul in the horoscope? After all, how could a mind ever be far from its life force? Literally or figuratively? It can’t. Especially at birth. Which explains why Mercury is always within 28º (and one constellation) of our magnificent Sun. Evidently, that’s the only place in both the Cosmos above and the birth chart below where human consciousness can actually be accessed. Celestially speaking, up close and personal to real solar brilliance. Astrologically speaking, the brain lane.


This is the universal significance of Mercury: as the little planet that could (and did, a whole lot quicker anything else in the heavens) it’s a spiritual reminder of the power of our connections because it’s a celestial personification of mind over matter. Ours.

Natal Mercury: The Contract

So what do you think your natal Mercury has to say about you? Well, when it comes to what you have to think and say about anything at all, one thing’s for certain: this planet’s placement in your birth chart says it all. Really. That’s because, just as your natal Sun represents your very distinct and powerful life force (making it the most important influence at your birth), natal Mercury represents that life force’s powerful and individual brain (making it the most important influence to your natal Sun). A celestial CPU, if you will, that serves as your natal Sun’s very own astrological smart chip. You know, the mind within your spirit whose only universal purpose is to give thought and voice to your brilliant life force because as powerful and creative as that life force is, without the ability to reason independently and communicate individually, its one-of-a-kind brilliance could never be conveyed to anyone. Why? Because without your very own mercurial smart chip keeping you socially plugged in, you’d be intellectually offline. Leaving you, your soul and your life force completely disconnected from everyone.


Now think about that for a minute. But before you do, think about the fact that if it weren’t for your own natal Mercury you wouldn’t be able to do that, because you wouldn’t be able to connect with the words on this page in the first place. Or worse, form any of your own opinions about what you’re reading in the second place. Making it cosmically clear why intellectual isolation is always a one-way ticket to last place: when you’re disconnected from everything it’s impossible to learn anything.



Enter natal Mercury. The astrological influence responsible for keeping that from happening by keeping you connected. The one universal energy that all by itself not only ignites your curiosity and stimulates your thinking, but equips you with the communications skills to express both as it has only one astrological objective: keeping you in the loop. But only because it has just one universal purpose: keeping you in the know. A lofty goal to be sure and, and for that reason, one that just can’t be accomplished without first establishing a personal network of the very people, places and things that are capable of making that a reality. One that consists of the very ideas, communities and even web pages you’re compelled to frequent. So that’s what Mercury does. It hooks you up. Literally. To all the things in the world that are just so interesting to you, they make you that much more interesting to the world. To all the individuals who stimulate your thinking so much, you can’t help but become even more mentally stimulating to others. To all the thoughts, words, blogs and tweets in this universe that are capable of prompting you to wonder, compelling you to question and urging you to look for answers until you find them. Not because it’s your universal right to know everything you want to know (if only) but because it’s natal Mercury’s job to make sure you want to know everything there is to know.


A job Mercury not only takes very seriously but works at continuously by simply throwing one fascinating thing after another in your unknowing path until eventually you do know it all. Or, unfortunately, until you think you do and that’s when discussions on your end of the loop can (and often do) take a sharp turn south. Usually, because that’s when the very things your natal Mercury thinks it knows and ends up sharing is totally at odds with what someone else’s natal Mercury is ready to hear or thinks you should be talking (tweeting or blogging) about. But hey, as far as natal Mercury is concerned, that’s what keeps things interesting on this planet and needless to say, it really doesn’t get more interesting than when people are saying what they think. Except, of course, when things are being needlessly said. That’s when things can go from interesting to dangerous in a Mercury minute (otherwise known as “no time”) and probably the real astrological reason why things like gossiping and truth-bending fall into Mercury’s department and fortunately, punch throwing and missile launching do not. Still, when all is said and done (with or without guided munitions), we’d be smart to remember the real purpose behind natal Mercury’s herculean attempts to harness our attention. It has a universal directive to pique our interest. Mostly because there’s actually something in it for us every time that happens. Something we’re just not able to access until it does. Knowledge. Or as it’s more commonly referred to in the intellectual community: power. But not just any kind of power. The kind that can only be found in Mercury’s neck of the solar system. You know, the mind-over-matter kind. Brainpower.


This is the astrological significance of Mercury: it’s the birth influence that represents your inner star’s intellectual smart chip. The one that enables your soul to link your life force to others so that both of you can travel from one interesting place to the next. Physically, intellectually and spiritually. Therefore, in your Contract with the Universe it represents your ability to learn, as well as the voice, mind and network you have at your personal disposal for making that happen.

Natal Mercury’ Sign: The Code

This brings us to my favorite part of the program: cracking the code to your soul’s very own individual smart chip. A process that requires uncovering and addressing the very individual previous programming that went into it. You know, the mental programming from yesterday that is now being reflected in the very specific language of your Mercury sign today.


Yes, language, because as you’re about to find out, that’s what your Mercury sign is: a celestial reflection of your soul’s language of learning. In fact, that’s why the sign Mercury occupied at your birth is such an accurate depiction of how you characteristically analyze data, make decisions and form opinions in this lifetime. What it was really up there reflecting in your natal sky is how your soul learned to process information in the last one. In other words, how your soul learned to learn yesterday and, for that reason, how you instinctively observe, perceive and make sense of the world you live in today. Not only how you think, and what you think, but why you do both. So of course, you were born under that Mercury sign when your unconscious soul made its way back to this physical planet. What better way to infuse the human part of you with the best universal Wi-Fi now available for circulating, articulating and investigating your way around it? The same wireless frequency that you and your soul must now use to connect on a higher level: understanding.


I know what you’re thinking. There’s nothing sexy or interesting about comprehension, right? But not so fast. The truth of the Mercury matter is without it, you’re neither. It’s true. That’s why your Mercury sign is so important. It’s only a celestial blueprint of how your mind works because it’s an astrological reflection of how it works best. That’s right, your Mercury sign is a universal acknowledgement of your mental muscle. How you were taught to discover, assimilate and exchange information in your previous life and therefore, where you now have a natural aptitude (and comfort level) for speaking, listening and conveying just about anything in this one.


After all, you were born under this Mercury sign because its energies represent all the things your soul learned to regard as profoundly important. So doesn’t it make sense that it also reflects the topics, matters (and yes, fixations) that you now understand profoundly? The very same things that can’t help but make you sexy and interesting in your own right simply because you understand them enough to make them interesting to us (or at the least, think you do). What’s sexier than that? Not much. Especially when you consider that physical arousal begins in the brain. Always. This means in order for something (or someone) to be appealing; on some level it must first be interesting. And that’s exactly what your Mercury sign reflects. The things that are intriguing about you but only because (thanks to yesterday’s first learning environment) they are the very same things that are intriguing to you. Now that’s something worth knowing because it means this sign, its ruler and the aspects being made to your natal Mercury not only reveal the people that stimulate your thinking, the kind of matters that arouse your curiosity and the very words that get your attention, but why they do. Good to know, huh? But even better if utilized. Preferably by you.


This is the karmic significance of your Mercury sign: it validates your natal Sun’s very own brilliant individuality because it identifies your very own personal and independent way of expressing it. Through the energies of this sign you’re not only able to connect to the world, you’re able to distinguish yourself from everyone in it as well. That’s because it’s only through the energies of this sign you do the one thing that actually makes that possible. You think. A pastime so high-powered and customized it requires its own network and comes with its own frequency. The very specific one reflected in your Mercury sign. A frequency reserved exclusively for independent thought. The language of your mind and for that reason, the only available access ramp to the most important solar brilliance this side of the brain lane. Yours.

Your Natal Mercury Sign: The Past

So, if your natal Mercury is:

in ARIES, you can stop wondering why your thinking is decisive, mentally aggressive and, at times, brilliant in this lifetime. Apparently, your education or early learning environment was rushed, competitive or in some way ahead of its time in the last one.

In TAURUS, your thinking can’t help but be persistent, focused and highly practical today. The karmic fact of the matter is your education was a very physical, hands on or apprentice-like experience yesterday.

In GEMINI, it’s with good reason your thinking is clever, versatile and communicative in this lifetime: your mental development actually occurred through the exchange of stimulating thoughts with compatible thinkers in your last one.

In CANCER, your thinking is definitely more instinctive and intuitive than analytical in this incarnation because your learning environment was in some way greatly influenced by irrational fears, family members’ needs or domestic dependency in the previous one.

In LEO, it’s a given: your thinking is brilliant, confident and energizing today because you had teachers and authority figures who recognized your talent and encouraged your intellectual brilliance yesterday.

In VIRGO, your thinking can’t help but be analytical, practical and problem-solving today. It’s what happens when your educators were highly critical, physically incompetent or impossible to please yesterday.

In LIBRA, there’s a reason your thinking is strategic, collaborative and aesthetic in this incarnation: your education was in some way dependent, privileged or classical in the last one.

In SCORPIO, your thinking is penetrating, uncompromising and highly resourceful today because your previous education or early learning experience was in some way critical to survival yesterday.

In SAGITTARIUS, your thinking is definitely insightful, daring and enthusiastic in this lifetime because your education or early learning occurred in exotic places with high-minded scholars in the last one.

In CAPRICORN, it’s no wonder your thinking is structured, disciplined and at times, ruthless today: your learning or education was hard-earned, burdensome or in some way severely restricted yesterday.

In AQUARIUS, your thinking is visionary, idealistic and, at times, even telepathic and rebellious in this lifetime but only because your learning was highly innovative, socially unorthodox and often disrupted in your previous one.

In PISCES, your thinking can’t help but be empathetic, imaginative and unconsciously sensitive to pain in this lifetime because great suffering, loss or healing was in some way connected to your learning in the last one.

Just the beginning….

Obviously, the Mercury sign highlights above are just scratching the surface of what your natal Mercury has to say about your karmic yesterday but if you’re ready to hear the rest of your Mercury story, as well as what the Moon and all of your other natal planets have to say about your soul’s past, you’re going to have to take a deeper dive into your birth chart and start learning the karmic language they speak. Where to begin? Easy, by following the signs. All of them. Right back to yesterday.


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