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To reserve your seat in an upcoming webinar, just fill out the form on the Contact page, include the webinar name in the subject field and click send. Due to limited class sizes, your enrollment will be confirmed by return email.


90 Minute Webinar

Isn’t it time you “cleaned out” the 12th House of your natal chart? Or at the very least, explored it? As the astrological home of the soul, there’s a reason the 12th house is often referred to as the house of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing. It reflects your unconscious past. That one place in the entire Universe where the inner you keeps the memory and imprint of all that you were before, all that you are below the surface and all that is not apparent in this life. You know, the E! True Hollywood version of Yester-you. Unjustified fears and painful memories included. Join me for this spirited ride back to the past and discover just what kind of outdated self-undoing your soul is holding onto from yesterday and why. Better yet, learn what you can do to get rid of it today. Closet cleaning was never so therapeutic. Sign up for this webinar on the Contact page now!

Enrollment requires: date, time and city of birth.
Class Includes: webinar workbook, one set of birth charts.


90 Minute Webinar

We all know the kind of parent we’d like to be – or the type of mother we think we are – but wouldn’t it be helpful to know just how your child really perceives you in this lifetime? Especially when you were the one chosen for the job based on the type of nurturing he or she did (or didn’t) get in the last one? Join us for this very special webinar and let me teach you the karmic secrets to “Decoding Your Child’s Contract with the Universe.” Learn how to identify the fears, gifts and needs your child’s soul was forced to suppress yesterday and how that very knowledge can empower you to be a much more effective parent today. The one you signed up to be. So what are you waiting for? According to your child’s natal Moon and Saturn, you’ve been entrusted with this very special soul for a very specific reason. Isn’t it time you knew what it was?  Sign up for this webinar on the Contact page now.

Enrollment requires: date, time and city of your child’s birth.

Class Includes: webinar workbook, one set of child’s birth charts.


90 Minute Karmic Astrology Webinars
Coming Soon- The Chiron Clause

Are you living up to your soul’s chosen energies for this lifetime? Do you even know what they are? Join me for this karmic view of your natal sky and let the self-discovery begin. By showing you how to study your birth chart in the same way the ancient astronomers did – as a celestial reflection of your soul’s “Contract with the Universe”- this 90 minute interactive webinar will teach you how to identify all the significant karmic “promises” your soul made yesterday. The very same birth energies that when left unfulfilled, keep you from living up to your destiny today. So learn why a specific birth influence was critical to your soul’s growth back then and why its house placement is pivotal to yours now. After all, you can’t ignore your soul’s commitment to the Cosmos and then wonder why life won’t sparkle, love won’t sizzle and you don’t dazzle. Destiny is waiting. Sign up for this webinar on the Contact page now.

Enrollment requires: exact date, time and city of your birth.
Class includes: one set of birth charts.


* All Webinars are conducted via ZOOM.
* Due to limited seating webinar fees are non-refundable. Emergency cancellations can be rescheduled for an upcoming webinar.


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