The 12th House

Your Soul’s Karmic Closet

By Marguerite Manning

©All rights reserved

Welcome to the 12th House of your natal chart, or as I like to refer to it, the Petri dish for your karmic DNA. For those of you not familiar with this part of the horoscope, the 12th house is the last section of the birth wheel and because it reflects the one area of the natal sky that is believed to be the soul’s doorway into this and every earthly existence, it is universally recognized as the astrological home of the soul. To most astrologers, it’s that one place on the birth map that mirrors your spiritual development and karmic journey simply because to every astrologer it reflects that one point in the universe that harbors your unconscious past, the place where the inner you keeps the memory and imprint of all that you were before, all that you are below the surface and all that is not apparent.

Evidently, like still waters, the 12th house runs very deep. It’s supposed to. But while some of our gloomier stargazers refer to this last piece of the birth puzzle as the house of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing, and others see it as the house of our dreams, faith and destiny, the fact of the astrological matter is, the 12th house lives up to all of these names for one reason only. It’s a portal to the past––your past. Intrigued? Well, you should be. However, when it comes to this neck of the natal neighborhood, you should also be a little cautious. Not just because the cosmos assigned that mystical constellation Pisces and its ambiguous ruling planet Neptune to be our official 12th house astrological landlords, but because altering reality is their cosmic “thing” and that means, by universal design, nothing under their roof, or influence, is ever what it appears to be. Sorry, house rules. In fact, it’s because nothing clear, definite or realistic is permitted behind these woeful walls, your perspective will always be severely compromised anytime you start poking around back there yourself. Obviously then, if you’re looking for answers, enter at your own risk because, in the spirit of full karmic disclosure, the 12th house is the only place in the natal chart that can be as misleading as it is enlightening. Funny isn’t it, the same can be said for the past.

Therefore, whenever we start exploring this last house of our natal chart, the point to remember is that we’re not only inadvertently venturing directly into Neptune and Pisces territory, we’re unknowingly opening the locked closet of the soul. It’s here in this bygone haunt of painful memories and precious experiences that the unconscious part of us not only stores the blueprint for all of our previous earthly existences, but does so by highlighting the most pivotal (aka painful) losses, misdeeds and unconscious habit patterns of our most recent one. As a result, the 12th House is always somewhat foreboding, deceptive, secretive and, yes, intoxicating––which, of course, accounts for our fascination. Neptune and Pisces wouldn’t have it any other way. But don’t be fooled, because while they may not insist we wipe our feet before crossing their threshold, you can bet a bottle of cheap wine and a box of Band-Aids that when we hit their turf, we’ll be expected to escape, sacrifice, and bleed with the best of them, and we will. We really have no choice. Primarily because, anytime we direct our attention to anything in this house, we can’t help but be compelled to address both the dreams and the nightmares of our most recent past, those very images that made us what we are today––by constantly reminding us of what we never got around to being yesterday. Humiliating footage included. Ah, memories. 

So then, why do we even bother with this house anyway? Because we have to. This is where our soul buried all the events and circumstances, including the strengths and weaknesses, that once upon our last lifetime were just too unbearable for us to deal with––or, perhaps, impossible to live up to. As a result, these painful issues and idiosyncrasies are now simmering in the shadowy depths of our 12th house unconscious just waiting for us to address them in this lifetime because they are the same injurious pieces of the past that, for one angst-ridden reason or another we refused to deal with and were forced to suppress in the last one. In many cases, the very same things and people we never saw for what they really were back then–only what we wanted them to be. Or, in many cases, who we turned them into. 

In fact, if the astrological truth be told, (which in and of itself is a Herculean task in the 12th house) we went further than just not facing the things we stuck in this karmic closet, we actually buried them. Only after we spent a good part of our last lifetime denying, ignoring or drowning in them, which is exactly why our soul promised that the human part of us would confront them now in this lifetime. Not with the intention of healing, fixing or conquering them mind you, but just for the simple sake of opening that closet, bringing them out into the open and once and for all, acknowledging them–consciously, which of course, is the only way real healing, fixing or conquering can occur. After all, according to the cosmos, this is the house of our soul’s improper programming and the only way to keep these distorted memories from inhibiting us spiritually and crippling us psychologically is to move them out of the dark and unconscious shadows of our 12th house yesterday and into a more conscious part of our life today. The part where they no longer have the power to undermine us––the daylight part of our lives, the any-other-house-but-the-12th part.

Now as much as that sounds like a whole lot of fun, this is no easy task for our soul as it will always have a difficult time resisting the temptation to connect or merge with anything familiar whether it be a person, a situation or wound. Therefore, because everything being stored in our 12th house was put there by the soul, every time we allow ourselves to open that intriguing door, or even peer through its karmic peephole, our indiscriminate soul can’t help but surrender to all those wistful yearnings of its own familiar past. Not surprisingly, it’s also why, and often when, we find ourselves conveniently avoiding all the things we should actually be doing in the unfamiliar present––important things like shining bright in our Sun house, learning our Saturn lesson or even just dodging Neptune’s nudges and happily living up to our destiny–-you know, those pressing and humanly rewarding things our soul signed us up for in this life, but for some human reason, we never get around to actually doing.

This brings us to the real 12th house pitfall and the most powerful challenge we face when we start the process of uncovering our soul’s past: not getting sucked backed into it. It’s true, because when you start carelessly rekindling the heartaches of yesterday, they’re bound to become the unavoidable priorities of today and, as such, your inevitable misery tomorrow. Always, and especially here, because as the home of our unconscious soul, the 12th house is not only the one place where we actually can “go home again”, it’s the only place where doing so is unconsciously effortless, making our self-sabotage unconsciously inevitable. How could it not be? Is there anything more self-destructive than embracing the inadequacies that plagued us in the past while at the same time neglecting the very talents we spent a previous lifetime wasting? Of course not. But this is the 12th house, and navigating it successfully depends on remembering who’s in charge here––and that’s the tricky part because “remembering” is a very subjective pastime in this section of the birth chart. As is the fine art of getting lost in those memories or, as it’s more humanly experienced, “reliving” them which, for some reason, is something we never seem to be aware we’re doing once we enter this neck of the natal neighborhood. But really, what could be more Pisces-like than compulsively following in our own karmic footprints or, for that matter, more Neptune-like than not even knowing that we’re doing it? Nothing. Hence, the past becomes the future and history repeats itself. Our history. Enter secrets, sorrows and self-undoing. 

Is it really any wonder then why the 12th House gets such bad press? It shouldn’t be. Not when you consider it’s the only house in our natal chart where we intuitively preserve yesterday, yet seem to helplessly neglect tomorrow, where vice is frequently mistaken for virtue, and sinking always feels like swimming simply because, in true Neptunian fashion, this part of our horoscope is something other than what it appears to be. Like our own personal haunted house with no designated exits, only optional doorways to either possible sainthood or inevitable sin. Confused? You’re supposed to be. House rules, remember? Besides, how could we ever understand any place where we can be as deceived and victimized just as frequently as we are gifted and inspired? It’s impossible but in this house, also quite typical because Pisces and Neptune would never tolerate anyone understanding their little piece of the universe. They only insist we address it, and only when we become serious about finding the one thing that never comes looking for us. Enlightenment. Real enlightenment, the kind of enlightenment that can only be attained by unlocking the unconscious past and facing it––consciously. The kind that forces us to learn there’s only one condition for using the past to our advantage: remembering where it belongs. Always.

This brings us to your 12th house and the first step in finding the key to unlock it: the sign that was placed on its cusp at the moment of your birth. That’s because while the 12th house is the portal to our past, the sign placed on this house when the soul reported for duty in this lifetime serves as the cosmic contrails to that past and, as such, Neptune and Pisces ambiguous way of illuminating it for us. Therefore, through the energies of your 12th house sign, you’re not only being reminded of your karmic yesterday, and the overwhelming loss, self-inflicted guilt and improper programming that kept you from living up to it, but you’re also being warned of all the unaddressed karmic issues and talents that were left simmering in your unconscious just waiting for a chance to sabotage your dreams again today. Issues, by the way, that Neptune and Pisces are determined to make sure you find impossible to resist and difficult to avoid. 

Fortunately, the cosmos had our astrological backs on this one because we only have to look at our natal sky from this higher astrological perspective to see that the sign on our 12th house cusp in the birth chart (and its ruling planet’s sign placement, house position and aspects) are right there in the horoscope providing some powerful insight into just where we should be going by shedding a whole lot of cosmic light on exactly where we came from. Important stuff because it’s only by knowing just how we were improperly programmed to give up on our dreams yesterday, that we’re able to let go of that baggage and live up to our destiny today. This, by the way, just happens to be both the fundamental purpose and the primary lesson of the 12th house. If we expect to embrace our future, we must first relinquish our past. Ironically, in this illusionary and confusing house the real difficulty lies in being able to tell the difference between the two. Compliments of Pisces and Neptune, of course.   


ARIES on the 12th – Mars rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of personal independence and physical ambition. Although you were a real force to be reckoned with in this past incarnation, a debilitating personal defeat, crippling injury or unfortunate accident forced you to bury your self-esteem and suppress all the lofty goals and ambitions that defined you. As a result, your powerful ego always escapes initial detection in this life which is why you are surprisingly aggressive, much more competitive than you appear and secretly burdened by unconscious anger from the past. Anger, that if left unaddressed, is not only a lethal disadvantage to you, but a concealed danger to others.

While this past of unrecognized actions and thwarted ambitions left you harboring both an ability to operate skillfully behind the scenes and a preference for secret planning or covert activities, it also instilled in you an aptness for deeper mind subjects such as hypnosis, dreams, psychic work or psychology. Your profound courage and instinctive decisiveness are truly your hidden strengths but the impatient ego that comes with them is likely to cause as much undoing in this lifetime as it did in your last one. Predictably, passion is your weakness. More predictably, however, sex and physical activity are your addictions.You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the leadership roles or personal victories you deserve by being drawn to dangerous situations or confrontational people. Past influences and experiences include: the military; politics; law enforcement; athletics; performing arts; combat; martial arts; psychology, surgery. You can be a deadly bully in sheep’s clothing. Cosmic Advice: Stay away from sharp objects in the hands of angry adversaries.

TAURUS on the 12thVenus rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of personal talent and material abundance. This affluent lifestyle came with a price, however, as you were forced to bury your personal happiness and suppress your physical gifts in this past incarnation in exchange for your own material comfort or the financial security of others. As a result, your values, talents and feelings are now very profound and deeply inhibited, which is why you are not only more kind, sympathetic and vulnerable than you appear, but susceptible to flattery and a real pushover for anyone who offers security. 

This personally degrading past left you harboring an inability to see the flaws in others and prone to deception and disappointment in love affairs. It also bestowed an almost obsessive affinity for taste, touch and texture, making you more sensual than you’d like to admit and more artistically skilled than you give yourself credit for. Not surprisingly, physical pleasure is your weakness because sensual satisfaction is your addiction. Your strong value system is truly your hidden strength but beautiful objects, valuable possessions and cold hard cash will always be as much of an undoing today as they were in the past. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the personal success and material wealth you desire by learning how to nourish your inner artisan without feeling a need to “pay the price” whenever you do. Past influences and experiences include: aristocracy, arts, fashion, music, design, banking, farming, construction and architecture. You’re more determined than we know and more stubborn than you think. Cosmic Advice: Lose the guilt. It makes you lazy and drives us crazy. 

GEMINI on the 12thMercury rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of mental development and community networking. Highly intellectual in this past incarnation, you were forced to bury your clever mind and suppress your clever ideas when your careless exchange of information, goods or people led to severe loss in your community and the unbearable confinement of others. While this mental suppression left you unsure of your ability to articulate clearly or express your thoughts effectively, you now have an acute link to the unconscious because of it, which is why you not only reason better when you’re exhausted but have such keen intuition, very vivid dreams and a real gift for extra sensory perception. Your thinking actually operates on the unconscious level making your insightful impressions feel more instinctual than logical. 

This past life of intellectual isolation left you harboring a profound desire to inform which explains your inability to keep secrets and your penchant for exposing them. Not surprisingly, irresponsible communications were the cause of your past undoing. Even less surprisingly, they’re still somewhat of a problem this time around. Your adaptability and intellect are truly your hidden strengths. Intense curiosity and a compulsion for gossip are unquestionably your destructive weaknesses. You’re secretly burdened by guilt over the tragic loss of a twin or sibling and must be careful not to unconsciously avoid close relationships with them today by routinely assuming the role of fraternal doormat or community scapegoat. Past influences and experiences include: education, writing, literature, journalism, commerce, academics, mass transit, local politics. You’re more knowledgeable than you know and more nosey than you’d like to admit. Cosmic Advice: Be careful. There are some things even you don’t need to know. 

CANCER on the 12thMoon rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of critical care and heroic guardianship of home, family or country. Unfortunately, your biological connection to loved ones or emotional allegiance to country had to be suppressed in this past incarnation for the sake of their physical safety or your own domestic security. As a result, your parental instincts and feelings of devotion are now very profound which is why your remarkable survival skills, unwavering patriotism and superior nurturing abilities are rarely obvious until tested. It is also why, despite your ability to seem unaffected by criticism and rejection, you can be surprisingly moody, secretly patriotic and more vulnerable to criticism and rejection than you appear.

Without question, loyalty and tenacity are your hidden strengths. Also without question, food and drink are your weaknesses. Your inability to let go of old pain or resentment was the cause of your previous undoing and, unfortunately, it’s the odds-on favorite for your misery in this life as well. This past life of emotional isolation left you harboring a deep need for intimacy that now manifests as an attachment to privacy, secrecy or seclusion in both your domestic life and your relationships. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the happy home and loving family you crave by irrationally smothering the very people you’re trying so hard to protect. Deeply affected by your mother and childhood, you clearly have a karmic connection to one or both parents. Past influences and experiences include: caregiving, food, hospitality, midwifery, real estate, immigration, national defense, war. You’re more intuitive than you know and more defensive than you think. Cosmic Advice: Give up the grudges. Some memories are not worth keeping. 

LEO on the 12thSun rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of personal distinction and courageous leadership. You were an outstanding and powerful individual in this past incarnation until a humiliating fall from grace forced you to bury your self-esteem and suppress all the brilliant self-confidence that made you shine. This explains why your intuitive ability to govern so effectively and dominate so completely is now so well concealed. It’s also why you excel as the brilliant power behind the throne and it’s often your best kept secret.

This past life of unrecognized power and talent left you deeply affected by your father and harboring not only an aversion to being responsible for others, but a real preference for working alone, behind the scenes or in secluded settings. It also left you with the powerful ability to reign supreme in any work that involves healing, confinement or the unconscious past. Your tremendous willpower is both your hidden strength and your secret weapon, just as your passion for love and romance is both your addiction and, when it lures you into those secret trysts and forbidden affairs, your dangerous weakness. Although your powerful ego and excessive pride were the cause of yesterday’s undoing, it seems they can be just as overbearing and troublesome today. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid positions of leadership, authority or even parenthood by relying on partners for income, suppressing your creativity or attracting unhealthy romances. Past influences and experiences include: royalty, powerful families, government, politics, creative arts, theatre, entertainment, sports, education. You’re more influential than you know and more proud than you appear. Cosmic Advice: To get the applause you have to get into the spotlight.

VIRGO on the 12thMercury/Chiron rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of physical duty and practical service to others. Dedicated to the highest degree of excellence in this past incarnation, your inability to achieve some type of physical perfection or avert a devastating crisis forced you to bury your keen intellect and suppress all your advanced training or physical expertise. Surprisingly observant, your organization and research skills are now profound and instinctive. As a result, you’re constantly compelled to defend your sharp analytical abilities, skilled expertise and logical solutions, as they never seem to get the credit they deserve. Clearly this is your baggage, but when your critical thinking has been so severely suppressed, the mental inadequacies are bound to be abundant. 

This past life of unrecognized service or public dishonor left you harboring an overwhelming sense of duty to repair the inevitable flaws of reality which is why your deep devotion to the painstaking details that are so frequently neglected by others is your hidden strength. While excessive worry and chronic faultfinding were the cause of your past undoing, they appear to be back for a repeat performance this time around. Work, health and fitness are your addictions, but only because being useful is your weakness. Unfortunately, this unconscious fixation with perfection can actually cause you to avoid the ideal efficiency you seek by drawing you to flawed data, disorganized people and impossible situations. You can stop wondering why we’re so incompetent and you’re so neurotic. Past influences and experiences include: teaching, writing, critical analysis, accounting, medicine, engineering and craftsmanship. You’re more skilled than we know and more capable than you think.Cosmic Advice: Stop worrying. You’re still alive and the sky isn’t falling.

LIBRA on the 12thVenus rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of social collaboration and meaningful partnership. Somewhat weak and dependent in this past incarnation, you used marriage or partnership as a means of escape for what you believed would be a life of love, happiness and luxury. It wasn’t, and you were forced to bury your self-esteem, suppress your love and sacrifice your artistic talents when you were victimized in some abusive or even masochistic way by a very jealous partner or cruel spouse. As a result, you are not only more kind, diplomatic and strategic than you appear, you possess an untapped artistic or musical gift from yesterday that was discouraged again by loss or criticism today. 

Obviously, your passion for partnership is your addiction. Sadly, your dependency on others is your weakness, which is why controlling relationships are not necessarily a thing of the past for you. Although passive/aggressive behavior or manipulating others with your beauty was the cause of your previous undoing, your remarkable diplomatic skills and strong sense of justice are your hidden strengths today. While this highly dependent past left you harboring a deep need to enhance your status and strengthen your persona by attaching yourself to a powerful player, you must be careful not to keep unconsciously keep avoiding that ideal union you desire by being drawn to dominant partners or manipulative people. So much martyrdom, so little time. Past influences and experiences include: music, fine arts, design, modeling, public relations, diplomacy or law. You’re more vain than you think and more strategic than we know. Cosmic Advice: If you really want power, stop sacrificing it for peace.

SCORPIO on the 12thPluto rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of surviving the powerful and unknown forces of nature. In this past incarnation, the life-changing consequences of sex, death or catastrophe left you dependent on the charity of others and harboring a profound feeling of powerlessness. Survival had to be the priority so vulnerability had to go and the overwhelming experiences of either emotional abuse, physical violence or drastic separation you were forced to suffer were deeply buried and dangerously neglected. As a result, you developed incredible instincts and phenomenal crisis management skills that enable you to uncover powerful reserves and cleverly handle the property or secrets of others. You know how to get to the bottom of anything, which is how you always manage to stay on top of everything.   

Not surprisingly, exceptional courage and fierce determination are now your hidden strengths. But while shared assets and secret liaisons were responsible for your previous undoing, they seem to be the escape routes of choice in this lifetime as well. Yes, passion is your weakness, but your real addiction is control. This powerless past has left you harboring such a deep need for intimacy and an instinctive, yet hair-trigger defense system, you tend to unconsciously avoid one and undermine the other by taking drastic measures to protect yourself from ever being controlled by anyone––or anything. But, only because death would be more acceptable. Previous influences and experiences include: revolution, war, law enforcement, forensics, chemistry, military, surgery, psychology or archaeology. You never fear anyone but always suspect everyone. Cosmic Advice: Buried resentments are backyard karmic land mines. Dig them up or they’ll destroy you. 

SAGITTARIUS on the 12thJupiter rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of abundant good fortune and deep moral beliefs. Dedicated to the entertaining pursuit of truth and enlightenment in this past incarnation, your spirited crusades for justice, adventurous quests for knowledge and staunch campaigns for the underdog inspired others to move beyond the limits of their existing boundaries. Unfortunately, your reckless disregard for the law or consequences led to the loss of liberty or prosperity for all concerned. As a result, you were forced to suppress your passionate spirit and bury your controversial beliefs to obtain freedom for everyone, which is why you are now more spiritual, insightful and risk-taking than you outwardly appear.

Although lofty aspirations and unrealistic expectations were the cause of your previous undoing, they’re still available to invoke your present downfall. However, with a great sense of humor and divine intuition as your hidden strengths, you’re funnier than anyone expects and a lot luckier than you know. Gambling is your weakness, self-indulgence is your addiction and opportunities for higher education or distant travel are often realized through marriage. This intellectually restricted past left you not only harboring an aversion to openly sharing your own beliefs, views or academic credentials with others, but secretly never feeling satisfied with your current level of education or sure of your limitations. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the freedom and abundance you deserve by becoming involved with confining people or restrictive situations. Previous experiences and influences include: politics, law, academia, sports, entertainment, publishing, broadcasting, distant travel. You’re surprisingly athletic and secretly judgmental. Cosmic Advice: You can be right, or you can be happy.   

CAPRICORN on the 12th – Saturn rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of material success and public achievement. While your ambitious pursuit of wealth, prestige and authority was rewarded in this past incarnation, you were forced to suppress your worldly aspirations and bury your ties to authority when someone’s irresponsible use of power or office led to serious loss, confinement or public disgrace. As a result, this scandalous past left you harboring not only an aversion to public scrutiny and a fear of professional inadequacy, but a strong preference for working behind the scenes which is why you are now more conservative than you appear and far more ambitious than you would like to admit. 

While the abuse of professional status and power were the cause of your past undoing, the self-discipline and determination you managed to display at that time are now your hidden strengths. Yes, work is your addiction but depression is your weakness. Extremely trustworthy, your achievements in this lifetime tend to involve the handling of confidential matters or secret projects. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the professional recognition and status you deserve by being drawn to dead-end positions, low-profile work or partners with chronic health issues. You clearly have a karmic connection to your parents and serious issues of loss or deprivation with your father. No wonder you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Previous influences and experiences include: government, military, politics, public office, corporate leadership, family business, mathematics, engineering. Your unfounded phobias are controlling you and your unconscious guilt is often overwhelming. Cosmic Advice: Stop choosing to be alone and then you can stop wondering why you are.

AQUARIUS on the 12thUranus rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of humanitarian ideals and creative ingenuity. Committed to the prospect of universal brotherhood and social reform in this past incarnation, you became involved with individuals who stimulated your visionary brilliance and groups that shared your scientific principles. Unfortunately, these radical ideas, revolutionary methods or unconventional associates provoked irreversible upheaval, which eventually led to extreme loss, chaos and your confinement. Overwhelmed by guilt and shame, you were forced to suppress your creative genius and bury your brilliant individuality, which is why you are now more independent, inventive, eccentric and, of course, uncooperative than you appear.

It seems this past life of being unable to evoke the social change and friendships you envisioned left you harboring not only an unconscious resentment of tradition and authority, but secretly determined to be different and instinctively drawn to anything unique or unorthodox. Understandably then, the innovative and rebellious tendencies that were responsible for your past undoing are still present and very much accounted for in this lifetime. As you know, your progressive thinking and flashes of brilliant intuition are your hidden strengths. Freedom is your addiction because nonconformity is your weakness. But while you can’t escape being a closet maverick who suffers from frequent feelings of loneliness, you must be careful not to unconsciously avoid the real friendships you desire by being drawn to secret societies, clandestine affiliations and treacherous people. Previous influences and experiences include: scientific invention, technology, astronomy, aviation, space, metaphysics, social reform, social activism, humanitarianism. You will always have unusual secrets and uncommon spiritual experiences. Cosmic Advice: Beware of past associates wielding future technology.

PISCES on the 12thNeptune rules

Your soul’s previous existence was one of emotional healing and compassionate service. Helping the less fortunate was your calling in this past incarnation, until an unshakable act of faith or of compassionate sacrifice led to such painful loss or unbearable confinement for those you were trying to help, you were forced to bury your empathy and suppress your divine connection to spirit. As a result, you are now more sympathetic, sensitive and intuitively creative than you outwardly appear.You prefer it that way. Personal privacy is an obsession because protecting your vulnerability is a means of survival. 

This martyred past of self-inflicted isolation left you harboring such a deep aversion to direct confrontation, you now become vague, secretive and tactically defensive when you think you’re being interrogated. It also left you with a deep need to soften the harsh realities of life and thus, a propensity for altered states of consciousness. We can stop wondering why alcohol, drugs and fantasy are your escape routes of choice and rose-colored glasses are your addiction. But while deception and self-pity were definitely the cause of your past undoing, spiritual wisdom and creative imagination are clearly your hidden strengths. You must be careful not to unconsciously avoid your mission to rescue others by becoming an emotional victim or dropout yourself. Secluded places near the water have great appeal while dreams, feelings of guilt and the forgotten past are often overwhelming. Past influences and experiences include: creative arts, music, healing, photography, spirituality, confinement, the ocean, clandestine or illegal activities. You’re surprisingly lonely and deathly afraid of confinement. Cosmic Advice: Get real or get a therapist.

Just the beginning…

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