Welcome to Therapy For The Soul. The astrological consultations designed to help you take charge of your future by enabling your soul to relinquish the past.

Clearly, this is no easy task for our immortal souls. That eternal spirit within that not only remembers the past and indiscriminately clings to every familiar reminder of it but, as if that wasn’t humanly challenging enough, keeps bringing us back to the mortal world with no conscious memory of it. No wonder letting go of “good old yesterday” can, and often does, take us lifetimes.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to. With my breakthrough astrological formulas for finding your soul’s past in the birth chart, you can now have the one thing you need to move beyond the crippling shadows and improper programming of your unconscious yesterday. An opportunity to consciously address them today. All of them.

To book your life changing therapy session, just make your purchase below and complete the form on my CONTACT page. Once your payment has been received, you will be contacted by email to schedule your private session.

  • 12th House Soul Session

    60 Minute Consultation - New Clients Only

    This session is based on my in-depth karmic analysis of the 12th House in your birth chart. It includes identifying the promise, potential and most critical unresolved issues of your soul’s last life, as well as the unconscious pitfalls you're now prone to because of them.
  • Karmic Update Session

    45 Minute Consultation - Returning Clients Only

    In this session I review the critical karmic information that was discussed in your original 12th House session and, using planetary transits to identify your recent karmic triggers, address any questions, issues or challenges that may have come up since then.
  • 12th House Workbook Bundle

    12th House Workbook Course - 60 Minute Consultation

    This special bundle includes Marguerite’s bestselling Unlocking Your 12th House Workbook Course and, once you’ve completed it, an in-depth follow up session to help you better understand the details of the karmic backstory you uncovered.
• Complimentary mp3 session provided at no extra cost.
• All sessions conducted via telephone or ZOOM