Editorial Reviews

“Friendly, upbeat, and simple, yet offering deep insights into your soul’s purpose, Cosmic Karma is a ‘cut to the core’ addition to books on spiritual astrology. Read it and (as Edgar Cayce would say) apply it!”
– Karla Siedschlag, Director, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E

“Warm funny, and upbeat, Cosmic Karma makes the astrology chart understandable to anyone interested in questions of spiritual purpose. A valuable, book with fresh perceptions and much helpful counsel in its cheerful pages.”
Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

“Incredibly accurate with tremendous wit and insight, Cosmic Karma shows how individually we are all connected to a larger whole, some kind of universal intelligence.”
– Chris Cortez, Dell Horoscope

“Being drawn to and fascinated by Astrology since I was a little girl, I have been a devoted admirer of Marguerite’s work and previous books for many years. JUNO, Your Karmic Match Made in Heaven, is an enlightening, fun and healing read. To have the worlds most accomplished karmic astrologer curate the perfect balance of information and insight into an effortlessly and easily accessed format, is truly a gift and a blessing for anyone who desires a deeper knowledge and awareness of how to attract what they deserve in life & love.”
– Jessica Origliassio, The Veronicas – Australia

Sign Language is a wonderfully useful guide to understanding your place in the world and your soul’s Contract with the Universe.”
– F. Reed Brown, president of United Metaphysical Churches, Roanoke, VA. and pastor of Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, Arlington, VA.

The 12th House is the best I’ve ever seen, which is to say I was shocked. I’ve been in the astro book biz, one way or another, more than 20 years. I’ve seen lots of books. Shock doesn’t happen often anymore…darn impressive.”
– David Roell, astroamerica.com

JUNO, Your Karmic Match Made in Heaven, is a wonderful guide to understanding the relationship you are in and why you are attracted to your partner. If you’ve ever wondered about soul mates and reflected on what the meaning is with your romantic and spiritual partner, this guide brings it right home to you.”
– Kala Ambrose, author of The Awakened Aura and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show

Cosmic Karma is a fantastic book about the connection we all have to the Universe. One that not only helps you understand the forces that move it, but changes your perception about yourself and The Law of Karma.”
– Dr. Carmen Harra, Ph.D., author of Everyday Karma

Cosmic Karma is INCREDIBLE.”
Lisa Mc Sherry, FacingNorth