Sign Language

Decoding Your Contract with the Universe

A BEGINNERS’ eBook to the Secret Language of the Stars

Now that you’ve read Cosmic Karma and you know what your Sun sign has to say about your soul’s past, isn’t it time you learned what the Moon and other planets have to say about it as well? Then it’s time you became fluent in the language they speak and learned the stories reflected in their signs. Your stories.

It’s true. While the energies in our birth chart are a reflection of our soul’s “Contract with the Universe” for this lifetime, it’s actually the zodiac signs they occupied that reveal what shaped you in the last one. A cosmic reflection of the very skills, talent and angst you’re carrying around with you today because what they’re really illuminating are the “juicy” backstories that fostered those traits yesterday. That’s right, the same karmic stuff that would be a whole lot easier to understand now if you only had a cosmic clue as to what really went on back then.

The good news is you do. Each one of your natal planets occupied a particular sign at your birth which means each one of those signs tells a particular part of that story. Your story. The even better news is that with Sign Language, you can finally understand what they’re saying. Download your copy today and see for yourself that uncovering your past is just a matter of following the signs. All of them….right back to yesterday.