About Marguerite

Marguerite Manning is a professional astrologer and bestselling author whose groundbreaking work in karmic astrology and the 12th house, has helped thousands worldwide live up to their purpose in life by uncovering their soul’s past in the birth chart.

Dedicated to advancing the Universal Law of Karma through the scientific principles of astrology, her own spiritual journey began in 1994 when after developing a new astrological formula that validated the soul’s history in the birth chart, she started using it to guide her clients to their earthly purpose in the present. With results that were just too remarkable to ignore, a brand-new belief system became impossible to avoid and her lifelong fascination for the stars above was immediately enhanced by a life changing passion for the spirit within. This led to the writing of her first article in 1995 for The Mountain Astrologer, “The 12th House: Your Karmic Closet” and inspired the karmic astrology workshops and webinars that would later become the basis for her popular radio program, Therapy for The Soul

The tremendous interest these workshops generated prompted Marguerite to share her breakthrough astrological concept of the soul’s “Contract with the Universe” in her 2007 bestselling book, Cosmic Karma, published by Llewellyn Worldwide, its 2012 sequel, Sign Language, and the first volume or her asteroid eBooklet series, JUNO, Your Karmic Match Made In Heaven.

With her attention now focused on a teaching others how to unlock the most pivotal karmic secrets in their own birth chart, she recently released her first karmic astrology workbook course, Unlocking Your 12th House to excellent reviews.

For more information about Marguerite’s new online karmic astrology course for beginners, or to schedule your own private consultation, contact her today.