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The consultations I offer to validate and counsel the part of you that often gets overlooked in birth chart analysis: your soul. Sessions that empower you to take charge of your future by enabling your soul to relinquish its past.

Certainly no easy task for our unconscious souls. That eternal spirit within each one of us that not only yearns for the forgotten past and indiscriminately clings to every nostalgic reminder of it but, as if all that wasn’t humanly challenging enough, keeps bringing us back into this world with no conscious memory of it. No wonder letting go of yesterday’s people, situations and even wounds can, and often does, take us lifetimes.

Fortunately, however, it no longer has to. With my breakthrough astrological formulas for finding your soul’s story in the birth chart, my sessions provide just what you need to relinquish your unconscious past. An opportunity to consciously address it. All of it.

So if you’re ready to discover what kept your soul from shining yesterday or, even more importantly, how it affects your life today, just complete the form on my Contact page and purchase your very own Therapy For the Soul Session below.


Karmic Counseling Session$255.00
  60-minute detailed karmic analysis of your soul’s last
life and your “Contract with the Universe” for this one.

Karmic Review

30-minute refresher session for Karmic Counseling
Session clients. 
                                                                                                                                                                                         * Complimentary mp3 session provided at no extra cost.
* All sessions conducted via telephone or SKYPE.