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Cosmic Karma

Understanding Your Contract with the Universe 


Marguerite’s  Bestselling BEGINNERS’ Guide to Karmic Astrology


Cosmic Karma  is more than just an astrological self-help book for the soul, it’s the book that helped thousands discover the most empowering universal secret of all: your birth energies only reflect your ability to be great and shine bright in this lifetime because what they’re really up there reflecting at the moment of your birth is your soul’s promise to aim higher and do better than it did in the last one. In short, your birth chart is a celestial reflection of your soul’s “Contract with the Universe.” One that when studied the way the ancient astronomers believed it should be studied – as a universal map of your soul’s chosen energies for this lifetime—is a lot more than just a spiritual reflection of your earthly destiny. It’s a physical documentation of the agreement you made to live up to it.

Who knew? Certainly not us, and that’s our dilemma. We humans have no conscious memory of our unconscious past which is why Cosmic Karma is a must-read. It will help you connect all the cosmic dots in your birth chart by giving you all the karmic tools you’ll need to identify them. So purchase your copy today and discover why your Sun sign was critical to your soul’s growth back then and why its house placement is pivotal to yours now. Learn how to stop avoiding Saturn’s depressing karmic classroom, accepting Neptune’s blue-green invitation to the Twilight Zone and leaving hair-trigger Pluto alone in the complaint department. You can’t ignore your soul’s commitment to the Cosmos and then wonder why life won’t sparkle, love won’t sizzle and you don’t dazzle. Your destiny is waiting.

Cosmic Karma Excerpt


“The more I study the universe, the more I am convinced of a Higher Power.”
~Albert Einstein

Now if you’re one of those people who don’t believe that you have a soul, you’ve got the wrong book in your hands because Cosmic Karma is more than just an astrological guide to the soul, it’s an astrological guide for the soul. One that was written to help the immortal part of you, (the part that’s lived many times before and will live many times again), become even better at it every time it does. Starting with this time and, yes, hopefully, this book. Which is why you must be able to accept the two most important principles it was based on. Like the spiritual belief that every human being is infinitely connected to a soul; as well as the more scientific theory that each and every soul is infinitely connected to the universe. Why? Because together these two principles paint the bigger spiritual picture that sends the higher astrological message that I subscribe to: There really is a universal pool of power, knowledge and abundance out there and it’s ours for the taking through the higher consciousness of our soul. And while some call it the “Universal Mind,” others the “Collective Consciousness” and still others simply “Creation”, it’s that same all-knowing, omnipresent energy that I refer to throughout this book as “the cosmos.” A supreme state of awareness that many physicists describe as being always available to all of us but only accessible to each of us when we’re finally able to move beyond our egos and function in total oneness with it. Which is really just another way of saying that while we all have a birthright to prosper through our connection to this powerful and benevolent universe, we’re only actually connected to it when we’re living by the laws and principles that govern it. The very same universal principles, by the way, that were not only instilled in the soul when it was created but, as I believe, were also reflected in the heavens on the day that we were as well. The universal laws of divine order. Or, as they’re more universally known, the divine principles of Oneness, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Compensation and Gender. And that brings us to why this book was written in the first place. As a wake-up call to our sleeping souls. You see, while we may not have been around for Universal Law 101, our souls were. And if they don’t show up with the spiritual know-how in this lifetime, there’s no way we’re ever going to live up to the physical promise of this universe. After all, according to Universal Law, when we don’t live by the order that created us, we’re forced to live with the chaos that destroys us. Which just happens to be the very same chaos that we create when we ignore Universal Law. Our chaos. And, because of that, our karma.

Okay. So you’re not sure you’re ready to embrace the concept of karma? Well, think again because there’s a pretty good chance that you already do. And that’s because there’s an even better chance that, like most people, on some level you’ve already accepted the theory of reincarnation. Don’t think so? Well, lets see if you do. To begin with, you can’t accept the principles of either karma or reincarnation if you don’t believe that you have a soul, and since you have yet to put this book back on the shelf, it’s a fairly safe assumption that, at least when it comes to the soul, you’re a believer. Now, we’ll take it one step further. If you’re a person who believes in any kind of heaven, eternal hereafter or even spiritual dude ranch where some part of you gets to live on in any way, shape or form after your death, (other than the physical body you were born with in this life) then you may be surprised to learn that you are, in fact, someone who believes in reincarnation. It’s true. Because any kind of existence for you or your soul after this one, whether it be physical, spiritual or otherwise is a rebirth for the soul. And that, according to every dictionary I’ve come across, including Webster’s and Oxford American, is what the word reincarnation means. Nothing more. But, go ahead, look it up, you’ll feel better.

And while you’re there, save yourself another trip and look up the word karma. As you’ll see, this is an ancient Hindu word that means inevitable fate or self-decided destiny. It snuck into our modern day vocabulary through the older spiritual doorways of Hinduism and Buddhism where they not only believe in life for the soul after this one, but that the sum of a person’s actions in the present incarnation is what determines the soul’s fate in any future incarnations. “Karma” is the Hindu word for that fate. Those inevitable circumstances that a soul is forced to endure in the afterlife as a result of everything it did or didn’t do during the course of the current one. That’s it. That’s as radical as karma’s definition gets. And if it sounds kind of familiar, that’s only because it’s a theme found in just about every religion. Accountability for the soul. And while in this day and age we tend to use the word “karma” as an all purpose metaphor for our universal punishment, our spiritual reward, or even our irreversible bad luck, it’s original meaning has never been anything other than our own spiritual consequences for our own human actions. Of course, these consequences have a way of looking like vengeance, seeming like serendipity and feeling like the wrath of god whenever they start swinging back our way at a time when we can’t possibly deserve them. Which is usually just a time when we’re really not expecting them. But think about that definition for a minute. And then ask yourself if any of those golden phrases you grew up with like “as you sow so shall you reap,” “what goes around comes around,” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” are expressions that ring true for you, and if they are, well then, you shouldn’t have any problem with the laws of karma. At least not in theory, because in practice karma is simply the Universal Law of Compensation. Otherwise know as the spiritual version of “cause and effect.” And, as most of you science enthusiasts would have to agree, not a whole lot different from the physical version. You know, Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Coincidence? Not at all. And that’s the real purpose of this book. To get you to at least consider the theory that I believe our ancient astronomers not only embraced, but implemented. Universal Law is based on scientific principles. And what’s more, it begins in the heavens.

Enjoy the read, but if you want to get the most out of this book please take my advice and read each chapter before flipping right to the placements that apply to you. Each individual chapter is my “one shot” at shifting your astrological perspective on that particular section of your birth chart. Which means it’s my one shot at throwing a little cold water on your soul. So take advantage of it. Your placement will end up having much more meaning on a much deeper level if I can get you to forget everything you’ve already learned about astrology, and force your soul to remember everything it “conveniently” forgot. Besides, I promise you won’t get wet. Hopefully, just a little wiser. BUY THE BOOK!

Marguerite Manning
May 13, 2006

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