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Your Karmic Match Made In Heaven


An Astrological eBooklet Series: Vol 1.


Sure, we all know the kind of partner we’d like to have in this lifetime, but wouldn’t we be better off knowing the kind of partner we actually need to make the most of it? Especially if it’s just that type of significant other our soul was committed to before it even got here?

Well, if the answer is yes then it’s time you go up close and personal with the unsung relationship heroine in your birth chart: the asteroid Juno. One of the four major asteroids in our heavens and the only birth influence in your natal sky that actually reflects who here on earth is cosmically qualified to be your match made in heaven. And, in the spirit of full astrological disclosure, adamantly refuses to let you settle for less. Why? Because as a celestial reflection of your soul’s long term commitment to love in this lifetime, Juno’s only universal purpose is to make sure you get it. Whether Venus likes it or not.

Are you ready for your Juno close up?


JUNO Excerpt


The Great Asteroid Debate

So you’re still trying to figure out just what kind of astrological significance (if any) the asteroids have in your birth chart? Well then, you’ve come to the right eBooklet series. If that is, you’re willing to do a little soul work and by that I mean you’re ready to dig down deep and start getting up close and personal with your most telling karmic obsessions. Don’t think you have any? Well think again because as far as this karmic astrologer is concerned, when it comes to the moment of your birth, the four main asteroids – Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta – tell a different story. Or, to be more accurate, four different stories. The kind that often get overlooked in this life because, like all pivotal backstories, they happened in the shadows of a previous one.


I’ll bet you had no idea the asteroids could be this interesting, huh? Especially when every astrology book you open tells you it’s the Sun, Moon, and planets (in that order) that have all the cosmic clout and the asteroids (if even mentioned) are merely minor players in the celestial theater of your birth. Well it’s true, they are. But make no mistake about it, as cosmic participants in everyone’s natal sky, the asteroids in general (and Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta in particular) are essential players nonetheless. In everyone’s birth theater. Players, that from my karmic perspective, bring surprising clarity to the horoscope because, just like the supporting cast members on any other stage, it’s their obsessive backstories that actually cast a spotlight on the complexities of the plotline. In your horoscope, your soul’s plotline. Therefore, in your birth chart, your unconscious complexities. Is it any wonder then that the asteroids appear in our heavens as nothing more than a belt full of unimportant celestial debris? Not to me. In true “as above, so below” style, what they’re really up there reflecting in your birth sky (are you ready?) is your soul’s not-so apparent emotional debris. Or, what I like to call those small but emotionally ignored circumstances from yesterday that (just like the asteroids themselves) are now simmering in the wings of your unconscious just waiting to be addressed today. Consciously. Because, this time around, your soul promised they would be. Yikes!


Okay, but if in the vast cosmic scheme of the birth chart, the asteroids really are nothing more than the soul’s karmic small stuff, why bother sweating them? Because little or not, they do play a part in your astrological story and like it or not, it’s a whole lot easier to live up to the big story in your birth chart when you know the whole story in your horoscope. Your whole story. The one that was written in the heavens at the moment you were born and not only reflects your soul’s choices and your earthly potential for this lifetime, but also reveals (in that frequently overlooked “asteroid chapter” between Mars and Jupiter) a few seemingly minor yet hauntingly relevant backstage dramas from the last lifetime. You know, the little astrological stuff simmering behind the big astrological stuff. Double Yikes!


Who knew? Or, perhaps the more fitting question should be: isn’t it time you did? Isn’t it time you discovered just what kind of little dramas the asteroids bring to your big one? Obviously, I think so, and if you do as well then it’s time to put your unconscious soul on the bench, get your conscious mind in the game and get serious about understanding how these small celestial bodies fit into your astrological story. The best way to do that? By learning a little something about their universal one. Like how the asteroids collectively made their celestial debut on our cosmic stage to begin with and what kind of impact that had down here on us in the first row of humanity when they did. Or, in particular, what universal roles do the four main asteroids – Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta – actually play in the heavens above and how do their individual backstories (archetypical and otherwise) affect our own personal “plotlines” in the real world down below?


I thought you’d never ask, but now that you did (and speaking of backstories) while there’s a pretty good chance you already know the asteroids weren’t discovered until the early 1800’s, there’s an even better chance you probably don’t know the astrologically significant, yet frequently overlooked story behind that discovery. This one:


Once Upon An Asteroid

A long time ago in 1772 , a time when modern astronomers were searching for new ways to understand the structure of our solar system, a German astronomer named Johann Bode rocked the scientific community when he published his remarkable new theory about the planets circling our Sun. According to Bode’s groundbreaking publication, there was a hidden numerical formula in the spacing of our planets. A formula that, according to Bode’s cosmic number crunching, not only accurately matched the distances from the Sun to each of our (then) six known planets, but when applied to our entire solar system (and here’s the remarkable part ) also identified three additional locations up there where planets were just waiting to be discovered. Understandably, few astronomers were immediately convinced, but because all were immediately intrigued, stargazers everywhere started polishing up their lenses. Not just because Bode’s new theory meant there could be other planets. BUY THE eBOOKLET

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