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Sign Language

Decoding Your Contract with the Universe


A BEGINNERS’ eBook to the Secret Language of the Stars


Now that you’ve read Cosmic Karma and you know what your Sun sign has to say about your soul’s past, isn’t it time you learned what your Moon sign and all your other natal signs have to say about it as well? Then it’s time to listen to the stars. Your stars. Or, to be more celestially specific: to the other very important and often overlooked zodiac signs in your birth chart.

Why? Because as the karmic decoder “key” to your past in this lifetime, it’s these zodiac signs that reveal what shaped you in the last one. Astrologically speaking, the cosmic DNA that reflects the very skills, talent and angst you’re carrying around with you today because, karmically speaking, they ‘re illuminating the forgotten “backstories” of yesterday that created them. The same “juicy” stuff that would be a whole lot easier to understand now if you only had a cosmic clue as to what really went on back then. The good news is you do. Every planet in the sky occupied a particular sign at your birth and each of those signs tells a particular part of that story. The even better news is that with Sign Language, you can finally understand what they’re saying.

So download your copy today and see for yourself that uncovering your past is just a matter of following the signs. All of them….right back to yesterday.

Sign language Excerpt

VENUS: Your Astrological Bling

All that glitters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told.
~ William Shakespeare

As the second planet from our Sun (and the third brightest object in our sky), Venus has been attracting our attention and capturing our imagination for centuries. So compellingly beautiful, it’s the one planet we never seem to have any difficulty finding in the heavens and the only one we ever have difficulty remembering is a planet after we do. But then, when it comes to the Roman Goddess of Love’s celestial namesake, charming unsuspecting skywatchers seems to be par for the cosmic course.

That’s because way back in the beginning, Venus actually had ancient civilizations (and their astrologers) believing she was a star. Two different stars to be exact. Their morning star, on those days when she was orbiting ahead of the Sun and would appear twinkling up over the eastern horizon just before dawn; and their evening star, on those other days when she was orbiting behind the Sun and would emerge glimmering just above the western horizon in the dusk of sunset.

Fortunately, however (and despite all the Venusian charm), it didn’t take professional astrologers very long to figure out that Venus wasn’t a star at all. Even more fortunately for us, it took them even less time to realize that the key to her universal significance was directly related to why she was up there acting like one. After all, before they could determine her influence in the horoscope, they knew they would have to define her role in the heavens and for that they were going to have to answer one burning question: What made Venus glow? Sure, she had all that close proximity to high-powered solar energy. But with Mercury (a planet even closer to the Sun) not even close to charming anyone, there had to be something else. Something Venus had that twinkle-free Mercury didn’t. There was, and thanks to these early scientists we now know what it is: a very thick, very dense and very permanent cloud cover. One that not only magnetically and continuously attracts the Sun’s most brilliant rays, but immediately captures them before they can reach Venus’ surface and then (even more immediately) bounces them right back out into the Universe. Not just occasionally and not just intermittently but over and over again. Repeatedly. Continuously. Perpetually. All the time people.

Needless to say, in those days this was breaking astrological news for sure because to this day it’s the discovery that not only explained Venus’ twinkle, it defined her universal purpose. Not because it revealed that a cloud-cover’s never-ending game of “attract, capture and bounce the best sunlight” was the only thing making this planet appear to be so beautiful. But because by doing just that, this planet was the only one up there universally personifying both the magnetic force of attraction and the satisfying power of receptivity. Beautifully. Case closed and planet defined. As the only celestial energy that actually celebrated the Sun’s best light in the heavens, Venus had to be the astrological influence that enhanced the Sun’s life force in the horoscope.

So that’s what she officially became: the astrological planet of love, beauty and pleasure. Which pretty much covers all the charming things that really do enhance our human existence in each incarnation. All the same good, rewarding and worthy stuff within our souls that, according to the ancients, others just can’t see until Venus draws them away from the blinding glare of our natal Sun and into her aesthetically pleasing cloud-cover. That’s why they fall under her happy astrological jurisdiction. Without question and without rival. Yes, the Moon included. Why? Because celestially speaking, the Moon mirrors all of the Sun’s powerful light back to the earth, but Venus captures only the Sun’s most brilliant rays and reflects them out to everyone. Therefore, astrologically speaking, the Moon supports the Sun by reminding the soul of its vital essence, while Venus enhances the Sun by celebrating the soul’s distinct beauty. Then glows like a star herself because of it.

No wonder Venus was acknowledged as the birth influence that instills our individual capacity to attract and receive anything we love, everything we find beautiful and all things that give us pleasure in this lifetime. Her presence in our natal sky was not only capturing all the things our soul loved most about our natal Sun, it was bouncing them back to the very world that we were coming into. That’s right, our natal Sun’s very own celestial “mini-me.” Without the ego, needs and, of course, mother issues. Just the good stuff.

This is the universal significance of Venus: it’s a spiritual reminder of our individual star’s brilliant worth in this lifetime because it’s a celestial reflection of our soul’s brilliant best.

Natal Venus: The Contract

So what does Venus mean in the birth chart? Quite a bit. But only because it represents what you value most. Or, spiritually speaking, the things your soul valued most about you. You know, all those star-like qualities that not only make you beautiful and captivating to the world, but also make it possible for you to magnetically attract whatever is capable of beautifying your own little corner of it. Yes, just as your natal Sun’s placement in the birth chart represents the honorable human life your soul promised to live in this incarnation; and your natal Moon represents all the things your soul instinctively needs to live it; natal Venus is the influence that represents everything you have at your human disposal for enhancing, enjoying and celebrating it while you do. The fun things. The happy things. The good life things.

With that being the cosmic case, your natal Venus has only one particular purpose in your particular horoscope: to make sure your Sun’s “best” stuff continues to be enhanced in this incarnation by continually bringing the best people, things and circumstances with the same kind of stuff into your life to enhance it. Or, just bling it up a little. Whatever that happens to require. As long as it’s your kind of “best” (or bling) it really doesn’t matter because there’s really only one cosmic criteria when it comes to your natal Venus: if your soul values it your Venus will attract it. Or twinkle to death trying. Always. End of discussion.

So Venus does just that. Without consulting you, without advising you, and in most cases without even letting you in on the fact that you’re about to be enhanced. Not because you don’t have any choices when it comes to what’s hot and who’s not, but because your soul has already made them and your natal Venus is now “working” them so that, in one way or another, you will be drawn to them. All of them. The good, the bad and the “what was I thinking?” Explains a lot about those high-school hairstyles, doesn’t it? But hey, that’s what Venus does, remember? It simply attracts the people and things your soul has already determined to be, well, attractive. Whether or not they end up going home with you (or you with them) is totally your call. Nope, can’t blame Venus for that one. You see, she attracts, you make the conscious decision to embrace and that’s where things can get a little confusing. This brings us to why Venus reflects everything you have in your possession including everything you have in your closet and everyone you have in your life, but is not responsible for you having them. You see, while it’s her duty to help you physically manifest your values, that’s only because her real universal purpose is to bring you real personal enhancement. The kind that only comes from being constantly (and physically) forced to re-evaluate them.

Granted, it’s not a flawless enhancement program (did I mention old hair-styles?), but it’s still a pretty good one because Venus is actually forcing you to take control of the things you have in your life by forcing you to accept responsibility for how they got there. By, of course, being faced with the consequences of them being there. Therefore, the astrological fact of the matter is, despite how much we protest (or would like our friends to believe otherwise), if something is in our world, under our roof or on our playlist, there’s no getting around it. We value it. Just ask your own natal Venus. Or better yet, look in your closet.

This is the astrological significance of Venus: it’s the birth influence that represents your inner star’s very own set of guiding principles. The values that enable your soul to attract on a physical level what it has already deemed worthwhile on the spiritual one. Therefore, in your Contract with the Universe, it represents your close personal relationships in general, the people you love in particular and the personal assets you inherently possess and, even more inherently, respond to in others (bling obviously included).

Natal Venus’ Sign: The Code

I know what you’re thinking: what’s so charming about me? The better question however, is what (or who) do you love enough to attract into your life and why? Well for both answers all you have to do is look up to the stars and into your soul’s past because that’s where they are. Embedded in the reflection of your Venus sign. … BUY THE BOOK!

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