Karmic Sense

The Moon
Your Astrological Security Blanket

By Marguerite Manning

By Marguerite Manning

From the moment we first looked up to the heavens nothing compelled us, fascinated us or mystified us more than the Moon. From the moment our first astrologers looked closer, we began to understand why.

But then, when it came to defining the astrological implications of anything in their universe, these ancient stargazers had one simple rule: as above, so below. In fact, because the Sun was the brightest force in the sky at the moment of our birth, they determined it to be the astrological influence that represented our soul’s life force in the birth chart. To their way of thinking, it was the universal energy that not only sparked our earthly existence but also illuminated our soul’s promise to go out in the world and shine. In short, their pick for the astrological influence that represented us

The Moon, on the other astronomical hand, was a different story.  Sure, it was the second brightest object in their ancient heavens but according to their findings it generated no light of its own and only managed to rock the night sky by reflecting energy that belonged to the Sun. A cosmic conundrum for sure. But, fortunately for us, one that proved to be a celestial no-brainer for them because rather than let that scientific discovery diminish the Moon’s universal significance, these spiritually savvy scientists used it to do something better: define the Moon’s purpose. How? By coming to the cosmically advanced conclusion that since the Moon’s celestial role was obviously a supporting one, for that very reason its spiritual influence was a critical one. Both above and below. In the heavens, to serve as a celestial mirror to the Sun. In the horoscope, to act as a subliminal nightlight to the soul. A nightlight, by the way, whose primary purpose was to never stop reminding the unconscious soul of its brilliant promise and earthly potential by just continuously reflecting the very life force it needed to stay vital and burn brightly. 

Is it any wonder then that the Moon was officially acknowledged as the astrological luminary of our human instincts and emotions? The only birth influence that embodies what we instinctively need and emotionally crave to shine in this lifetime? Not when you consider that its presence in our natal sky was actually reflecting the very thing that fueled our soul’s inner brilliance when we came into it. Or, that its cycles influence our entire birth process in the very same way they compel us every day after that: just below the threshold of our conscious awareness. Evidently, there’s a reason why the Moon’s journey through the skies around our planet affects us so inherently, viscerally and, yes, continuously. It’s not only summoning our souls to protect what’s vital to us while we’re down here, according to the ancients it’s calling on us daily to remember what that is. 

This is the universal significance of the Moon: it’s both a spiritual reminder of what we must have to keep our inner star alive down here in the murky shadows of human nature, as well as our celestial summons to do whatever it takes (and, yes, take whatever we must) to make sure that happens.

Natal Moon: The Contract

So how does this luminary of emotions translate to the birth chart? Easily, if you can just remember to think of your natal Moon as being the yin to your natal Sun’s yang. You know, your longing as opposed to your spirit, your needs as opposed to your will. In fact, just as your natal Sun’s placement in the birth chart is the personification of your soul’s chosen direction and purpose in this lifetime, your natal Moon’s placement is an illumination of your brand-specific emotional instincts and knee-jerk reactions to the people, experiences and situations you encounter along the way. That’s because while the Sun’s astrological purpose is simply to be brilliant, the Moon’s astrological mission is brilliantly simple: to fulfill the Sun’s most basic needs so that it can be. Period. Whatever those needs are. In your particular horoscope, to unfailingly support your Sun’s stellar purpose. Whatever that happens to be. A mission that must be accomplished or your spirit suffers. Because as powerful as your natal Sun’s energy is, without the nourishment, protection and support of your natal Moon, that vital life force within you would cease to exist. What’s more (and definitely worse), with your spirit out of commission your ego would be out of a job because your individual brilliance would never make an appearance in this lifetime. Needless to say, a physical life with no ego means an earthly existence with no recognition. No attention. No applause. An astrological fate worse than death for any natal Sun.

With that being the dreary alternative, it only makes sense that your natal Moon also reveals just how (and where) you’re quite capable of being grasping, irrational and emotionally demanding (yes, even you). Especially on those occasions when your Sun’s needs are being carelessly dismissed and blatantly ignored. Or, you feel they might be. Sure, those kinds of emotional reactions are rarely acceptable, but from the somewhat entitled perspective of your natal Moon they’re always understandable because the sole purpose of your lunar energy is to nurture your spirit within until it feels secure enough to go out in the world and shine. No matter who’s standing in the way. Or, unfortunately (for them), whom you feel might be. Then again, that’s all part of the lunar protection plan: safety first, everything else (including rational thinking) second. A plan that just can’t be successful without first identifying exactly what it is that makes us feel nurtured and secure to begin with. 

This is the astrological significance of the Moon: it’s the birth influence that represents your inner star’s security blanket. The one that reflects everything and anyone your soul has determined it needs to feel nourished, protected and emotionally secure in this incarnation. Therefore, in your Contract with the Universe, it represents women in general, your own mother in particular and (because she taught you how to be her based on your perception of how she mothered you), your ability to “mother” others. 

The Natal Moon’s Sign: The Code

Well then, wouldn’t you like to know just what kind of security blanket your soul is  holding on to in this lifetime? More importantly, wouldn’t you like to know why? For those answers and more all you have to do is look at the Moon from my favorite perspective. The karmic one reflected in your Moon sign.

This simply means by taking the time to trace the trail of natal moonlight in your horoscope back through the energies of the sign it occupied at your birth, you not only get to see what emotional strengths and weakness you were instilled with today, but why. That’s because as your soul’s astrological rear-view mirror, your Moon sign reflects the past circumstances that actually fostered them. In other words, how you were mothered previously, or what went down domestically that indelibly shaped the emotional you of yesterday. Now, this is when your natal Moon starts to get even more interesting, because from this lunar perspective it then represents women from your past in general, your previous mother in particular and the conditions that surrounded and contributed to your previous upbringing, heritage and family life. Yes, embarrassing relatives and dysfunctional details included. Furthermore (and here’s the best part), this sign manages to reflect all of this juicy karmic information without contradicting any of your natal astrological interpretations, just by giving them more dimension. 

How is that possible?

Well, when you consider that your Moon sign is a reflection of your soul’s emotional past, how is it not?  Especially when you remember that the only reason this sign does reflect the upbringing and home life you had as a child in this lifetime is because it’s serving as a universal mirror for the “unfinished” nurturing your soul experienced (or at least perceived it did) in your last one. That’s right. Astrologically speaking, there’s really only one reason you were born under the very specific energies of that very important Moon sign today. Karmically speaking, your soul chose to emotionally address (so it could humanly move beyond) the same type of indelible parenting you received as a child yesterday. Including, but not limited to, embarrassing relatives and dysfunctional details. 

No wonder the energies of this sign reflect what it is you need to feel emotionally nourished, psychologically secure and even domestically protected in this physical world. What they were really up there reflecting at the moment you arrived on this planet was everything that fostered your emotional well being (or lack of it) the last time you were living on it. In general, your earthly emotional history, focusing on your last human appearance. In particular, the previous person who nurtured you (or didn’t), the previous domestic scene that supported you (or couldn’t) and the previous family that protected you (or wouldn’t). Otherwise known as your unconscious emotional baggage. Now, before you run off into the astrological abyss screaming things like  “isn’t my conscious emotional baggage enough?” or “how much emotional stuff is one human being expected to haul around in this life?” you might want to look a little closer at the eerily familiar contents of your Moon sign’s lunar baggage. Because when you do, believe it or not, you’ll realize pretty quickly that like it or not, this stuff from the past is the same emotional angst you’re struggling with now. In fact, in most cases, the same cast of karmic characters starring in the same domestic dramas, but because the plot lines have been updated just enough (and the starring performers have been made over just a little), they’ve all managed to somehow sneak past the cerebral security of your conscious awareness and worm their nostalgic way back into the story. Your soul’s story. The one you’re trying to live today. Cosmic coincidence? Hardly. Universal design? Definitely.

And a pretty good design at that, because by being a constant universal projection of yesterday’s emotional sagas, our Moon sign is a perfect spiritual reminder that it’s time to create some new emotional patterns. The kind with more empowering story lines. Unfortunately, the only celestial sticking point is that before we can effectively do that, our soul has to put all those old and unconscious stories to bed. Literally. Which is something that can only be accomplished by addressing them on a conscious level, and that just can’t be achieved without confronting them on a human one. So, of course, we draw these people and patterns back into our lives in this incarnation. We’re supposed to. However, not for the purpose of emotionally reenacting yesterday (as our soul likes to do), but for the much higher calling of spiritually reinventing tomorrow as we promised the Cosmos we would do. We bring them back in so we can spiritually evolve by consciously letting go of our old emotional security blankets and replacing them with the only thing we’ll ever truly need to feel secure: a real sense of belonging. The kind that can only come from within because it’s the one we promised to create for ourselves by fulfilling our own needs. So we spend the better part of this lifetime waxing nostalgic and waning irrational until we do. And hopefully, we do. A once in a lifetime exercise that I like to call lunar closure.  

A daunting emotional exercise for sure. Mostly because it can only be astrologically aced by fully understanding the energies of your Moon sign and that means recognizing them for exactly what they are: a very specific language. One that was imprinted on your soul at birth because it was the one spoken by your previous nurturers on yesterday’s domestic scene. So now it’s the dialogue of your inner you, the language of yesterday’s child, and as such, the one you can’t help but instinctively use to express today’s unfulfilled needs. The very same unconscious instincts you now use to not only establish emotional involvement with others, but also to support, comfort or nurture them after you do. But then, this is how you learned to connect with yesterday’s family, and when that wasn’t possible, the language you used back then to nurture yourself. Something that puts all that baggage into perspective by reminding you (once again) that your Moon sign mirrors everything you inherently need to feel loved and secure today, simply because it’s reflecting the very things that your soul longed for and just never got yesterday. For that reason, this sign, its ruler and the aspects being made to your natal Moon not only reveal what type of previous emotional programming created these longings and vulnerabilities way back then, but also what kind of emotional strengths and outlets your soul has at its experienced disposal to move past them in the here and now. 

This is the karmic significance of your Moon sign: it not only identifies the emotional strengths and unconscious needs of your natal Sun, it compels you to use one to eliminate the other and start getting what you need from the only real source that can supply it. The source you promised the Cosmos you would rely on to feed and satisfy those very old and even more destructive unconscious hunger pains in this incarnation. Your life force. The same powerful source reflected in your natal Moon and radiated by your brilliant Sun. It’s wise to remember however, that accessing this power is only made possible when you can stop being controlled by the needs illuminated in your Moon’s reflection and start being reminded of where its light actually comes from. You remember, the brilliant star within you. The Sun part of you. 

For that part of the exercise, however, you’ll need to be fluent in the language of your natal Moon.